caption contest, protesters offering flowers to riot police

I’m finally getting the caption contest restarted.  Having a newborn around the house can wreck havoc on your schedule.  🙂

For those of you who are new subscribers, welcome, and you are welcome to participate in the caption contest.  (We also welcome the first-time guests.)  All you have to do is write something funny about the picture.  It’s that simple.  The only rule is to keep it clean.

This week’s photo features some type of protest, or so it appears — it can be any context you want to think up.  One of the guys is offering a peace flower to a policeman in full riot gear.  You can write from anyone’s perspective, even as an outsider or as yourself.  And if you don’t subscribe to the comments already, it’s good to subscribe to them at least on the caption contests, because that’s when they get really fun.

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Valentine’s Day, roses, and bacon

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  I was wondering why people had balloons and flowers in their cars and why my wife was mad when we ate leftovers for dinner.  It may seem like a big day now, but with the passage of time, it’s just one day among thousands.  She’ll get over it.

Okay, so that’s an embellishment.  No, scratch that — it’s an utter fabrication.  I did remember the “holiday” and got my wife a mushy card and some roses and chocolate — got nice stuff, without spending a lot of money.  Some people sure are trying to rip you off this time of year!  But that’s a rant for another post.  I started this post to talk about bacon.  Yes, bacon and Valentine’s Day can go together.  Actually, I think they should.

Supposedly red roses are all romantic, but they look good for only a few days, then they wither and die a horrible death.  But what if the roses were edible and made of bacon?  Would that not be the best “roses” ever???

To me, a guy, it seems like a great idea.  But knowing women, it might be a turrible idea.  I remember I once asked a girl (who I wasn’t dating) if she would prefer roses made of chocolate, and she was adamant that it would not be a good thing.  Apparently, “someone” decided that you had to give red roses or you’re cheap and not romantic.  Hence the huge price increase on roses in February.  It sounds like a big conspiracy to me.

Anyway, about bacon roses, what do you think?

caption contest, man drinking flowers

This week’s caption contest should be fun.  (That’s not to say any of them aren’t, but I have an idea of some inside jokes that might will get brought up for this one.)  The photo features a man drinking from a glass of flowers.  Maybe there’s water in the glass, but nonetheless, there are still flowers and/or weeds in it.  I don’t know why someone would do this, but I’m going to make up some stuff!

If you’re fairly new here and aren’t aware of the inside joke, I’ll provide you with a link that will explain everything (and be funny): a man who likes flowers.

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limerick day

Yesterday, May 12, was Limerick Day.  I saw that on our special days of May feature, and looked at the comments.   Ironically, some of the user-written limericks (in the comments) are about Mango-Man’s love of flowers.  So since this week’s caption contest is about the same theme, I thought I’d let you know about further writing on it.   Plus, you now know it was Limerick Day, if you’re interested in such things.   I’m no poet, but limericks aren’t hard to write, and they can be fun (as evidenced by the comments referenced in the other post).