a shout-out to Mango-Man

This is Thomas Wayne, preempting your regularly scheduled blog posting.  I just wanted to give a big shout-out to my BFF, Mango-Man, for helping me move some furniture the other day.  I repaid him in homemade nachos (and I think he got the better deal, because my cheese dip is legendary).

In case you aren’t aware, BFF when used by guys stands for Big Fat Friend.  🙂

limerick day

Yesterday, May 12, was Limerick Day.  I saw that on our special days of May feature, and looked at the comments.   Ironically, some of the user-written limericks (in the comments) are about Mango-Man’s love of flowers.  So since this week’s caption contest is about the same theme, I thought I’d let you know about further writing on it.   Plus, you now know it was Limerick Day, if you’re interested in such things.   I’m no poet, but limericks aren’t hard to write, and they can be fun (as evidenced by the comments referenced in the other post).

caption contest, car covered with flowers

At the monthly Buffet o’ Blog pizza-devouring staff meeting today, the topic came up of Mango-Man’s love of flowers.  After all, it is spring, and as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”   So now flowers are coming into bloom, and thus Mango-Man should be happy, and it’s a new season for making fun of him for it.  🙂  Since this has been a recurring theme of late, I figured this week’s caption contest could follow that theme.  If you are a new reader here and aren’t familiar with this recurring joke, you can catch up on the fun at the original post: a man who likes flowers.

So here’s a picture of a car covered with flowers.  You get to write a caption explaining this picture.  Remember that you can write from anyone’s point-of-view, even if they’re not in the picture.  Be creative with it, and have fun.

(To see our other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

If you particularly enjoyed this post with the ensuing comments and/or the original post about the man who likes flowers, there was a caption contest along these same lines a few years ago, with a man in a flower garden.

building our own giant straw Christmas goat

In past years, we’ve discussed the giant straw Christmas goat built in Sweden every year.   I mean, what says Christmas like a 43-foot tall straw Christmas goat?  Well, I could probably think of a few things, but it’s tradition.  It’s also tradition for vandals to burn the goat down.

I could say a lot more, but it’s probably already been said in the first post, so I will link to that for your reading convenience: the Swedish Christmas goat.

I came across another article about it, and it’s rather funny.  Here’s that link: Goodness, Gracious Great (Swedish) Goats of Fire!  [link broken]

Here at Buffet o’ Blog, we are trying to start a tradition of building the next world-record-breaking giant straw Christmas goat, and then burning it down.   It would be one of the coolest things around (see the first link for details).   But so far, all we’ve done is start a tradition of Mango-Man saying it’s a great idea, but then he makes excuses (perhaps to protect his secret flower garden of ketunias), and it never happens.  Well, one of these years it will happen (with or without his consent — but if he gets a cut of the proceeds, he will realize what a great business opportunity it is).  The rest of the Buffet o’ Blog regulars have voted for this, so we’ve reached a consensus — a quorum, even — that this needs to happen.  When it does happen, it will be posted here first, so stay tuned.