review of America 13-50 restaurant

Today some of the Buffet o’ Blog staff had lunch at a fairly new restaurant called “America 13-50“.  It’s a somewhat odd name, but that doesn’t matter to us.   This was our first time to dine at this establishment, and there weren’t many other patrons there, so we decided to post a review so more of you know about it.

America 13-50 is located downtown, across the street from Larry’s Pizza.  (If you live in Conway, you should know where Larry’s Pizza is.  If not, you’ve really been missing out and you need to go eat there at lunch during the week to enjoy their “pizza parade”.)  The inside of the restaurant was nice-looking, making me initially wonder if this was going to be an expensive lunch.  Fortunately the prices were reasonable.

Two of us ordered the Alamo Burger, which has bacon and chipotle mayo, and the menu calls it “a two handed beefy burger you’ll remember”.  The other guy ordered the Ozark BLT, which was a blackened catfish sandwich with bacon (which is not something we’d ever heard of before).  They were all delicious, and the portions were generously-sized.  We all talked of going back to try other items on the menu.

I realize this post wasn’t all that funny or random, so it kinda doesn’t fit with this blog.  But it was about food, which is an important subject among the staff.   If you’re itching for something funny (or at least ironic), here’s a food-related quote for you:

America has more food to eat than any other country in the world and more diets to keep us from eating it.

Ain’t that the truth!

Anyway, check out the restaurant.  You could tell them Buffet o’ Blog sent you, except they wouldn’t know who that was — we were incognito, protecting our secret identities.   I don’t think the waitress was prepared to handle the full outburst of randomness that can erupt from a group of us.   So we kept it on the down-low, to maintain some degree of order.  But what are we doing maintaining order?  We’re supposed to promote randomness.  True, that is.  But some people can’t handle the randomness (hence the warning under the title of the blog).   Some folks have to be eased into it, or their mind may implode (and that’s not pretty).   So it was for the greater good of those involved.

Now you’ve got me to rambling (which is what you wanted, right?).   Just check out the restaurant, and perhaps you’ll see us there.  Don’t worry if you don’t know us by face — if you see a table of the coolest guys you’ve ever seen, that would be us.

One thought on “review of America 13-50 restaurant

  1. Beppo

    Unfortunately, this restaurant closed. I reckon they just needed more publicity, because the food and atmosphere was nice.

    Perhaps Mango-Man will open the restaurant he dreams about, to fill the void… 🙂

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