caption contest, bicycle rider kicking someone in crowd

This week’s caption contest features a bicycle rider kicking someone in the crowd.  Well, that’s what it appears like.  He could be doing a number of other things.  It’s up to you to decide what is going on here.  So get creative — whether with a joke, a pun (if you must), a funny story, whatever.  Remember you can write from anyone’s point-of-view.  Just keep it clean and funny — that’s the only rules.  Have fun!

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, bicycle rider kicking someone in crowd

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t think there’s a race where you get time deducted for kicking someone in the crowd… there might be penalties for that…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man had been rippin’ farts all throughout the race, but this was the first one that took him off the seat. Even he was impressed.

  3. Beppo

    It’s hard to do a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick while riding a bicycle. What you don’t get to see is how he wipes out right after this picture was taken.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Guy looking shocked: “Where’s the tomatoes? Surely someone brought some produce for throwing!”

  5. Crappo the Clown

    The bicycle rider knew it would hurt his time, but he’d heard taunts from this guy before, and he deserved to be kicked… for added measure, he ripped one at the same time.

  6. Fernando

    The rider seems to be climbing his bike… He probably runned aside his bicycle, then jumped: one foot clipping the pedal and the other going above the saddle. But it does look like that the open-mouth old man got a kick in the stomach!

  7. Crappo the Clown

    Guy smiling, thinking: “I’m glad my wife ain’t here, so I can laugh at this massive fart and not be scolded about that being for little boys. Women… PSSH!”

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