antelope tackling bicycle rider & bread helmet man

Apparently the viral video of the day is a bicycle rider getting knocked down by an antelope during a race in Africa.  It is quite unusual and unexpected. It was also unexpected to see it on TV twice already in one day.  But since it’s so popular, I’ll post it here for you, so you can tell all your friends and co-workers that you saw it and they should watch it too.  After all, this is what’s popular.  Maybe it’s even the cat’s pajamas

Now don’t you feel cooler?  You are now in the know.  Although, by the time you’re reading this, this video might be old news.  There’s probably another video already gone viral that everyone is talking about.

Sometimes you can’t predict what will be viral next.  For example, someone can just show up to a protest with bread taped to their head and become an Internet meme.  He was just trying to “protect” himself against makeshift projectiles, so some protesters made makeshift “armor”.  Now this guy is known as Bread Helmet Man, and he’s appeared in “photographs” all around teh internets…  A few examples…

I wonder if he has any idea of his 15 megabytes of fame…

FYI, I already know the Bread Helmet Man meme is old (in Internet years, anyway).  But it was never referenced here, and it certainly is random, and the post just needed something else…  Was it worth your time?  Wait, don’t answer that.  Keeping up with viral videos and memes often isn’t worth your time, which is why they aren’t closely followed here…  And my rambling about wasting your time might not be worth your time, so I’ll stop typing now.

caption contest, bicycle stunt to impress the ladies

Welcome to our next weekly caption contest!  The game is real, and the prizes are imaginary!  Well, except that you can feel good if you write something funny — there might be thousands of people read it and be amused.

This week’s photo features a man who appears to be doing a stunt on a bicycle (or about to wreck it).  Is he trying to impress the ladies?  Or do they have something to do with it?  You get to write the context.  Have fun with it.  Just make it funny and keep it clean.

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caption contest, bicycle rider kicking someone in crowd

This week’s caption contest features a bicycle rider kicking someone in the crowd.  Well, that’s what it appears like.  He could be doing a number of other things.  It’s up to you to decide what is going on here.  So get creative — whether with a joke, a pun (if you must), a funny story, whatever.  Remember you can write from anyone’s point-of-view.  Just keep it clean and funny — that’s the only rules.  Have fun!

(To see our other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

Tour De Donut (The Donut Race)

Speaking of National Doughnut Day, I just learned there is a Tour De Donut event.  You might be thinking it would be a great idea to have a donut-themed race but that this is probably just referencing some person or place named Donut.  That happens sometimes.  But in this case, there actually is a race involving the eating of donuts!

The Tour De Donut is an annual bicycle race held in Staunton, Illinois, plus a few other places.  It’s a 30-mile race, which is a good ways to ride if you aren’t in optimal fitness.  But there’s a unique twist to this race, which somewhat levels the playing field.  There are two pit stops in nearby towns during the race, and your total race time is reduced by five minutes for each donut you consume during those pit stops.

I can put away some donuts, so I could reduce my race time by a significant amount.  However, there is the issue that eating donuts may make you slower.  So you’ve got to strategize about it — if you eat 6 donuts, it saves you 30 minutes, but will it make you 30 minutes slower?  Of course, donuts also provide extra energy (which would be needed for most of us on a 30-mile ride).

I think this race would be fun to do, in the spring or fall.  Having it in the summer would be disoptimal for several reasons.

Obviously the idea can be expanded, too — how about a Tour De Bacon?  Sounds interesting to me!

There’s probably somebody reading this who is thinking something like “this is so unhealthy, I can’t believe you are promoting it!”  Yeah, well, it’s like this — most people are gonna eat donuts and bacon anyway, so if they will get outside and get a couple hours of exercise and fun, it’s better than nothing.  And they might even burn more calories than they consume.  That makes me wonder — how many miles do you have to ride to burn off the calories per bacon strip?  We could come up with a stat to determine the winner (or at least a secondary winner) — miles per bacon.  🙂  Mathematically that wouldn’t be good for eating the most bacon, but we can work on the formula.  I’m just making this up as I go.  🙂

Feel free to continue developing the idea.  As long as it involves eating donuts and/or bacon, count me in!