funny quotes about Mondays, part 2

One of the more popular pages here at Buffet o’ Blog is random Monday quotes.  Since that was published, I’ve come across even more humorous quotes about Mondays.  So consider this post part 2.

There is a technical meteorological term for a sunny, warm day which follows two rainy days.  It’s called a “Monday”.

“Boy, is it ever Monday!” ~ Strong Bad

“I’m far too cool to come in on Monday mornings.” ~ Turtle Dundee, when he was taking a vacation day on Monday

“Mondays are stupid!” ~ Mango-Man

“I decree Monday as part of the weekend.   And while I’m busy decreeing I’m also gonna add Friday into the weekend as well.   It’s really better off that way… since no one really gets much done on Friday anyway.  🙂  That just leaves Tuesday through Thursday… so I can deal with that!  Especially since I’ve also decreed that the work day shall not start until 10!  So along with the mandatory 2-hour lunch and leaving at 4 (in order to miss the traffic of course) I think I’ve found a good “balance” of life and work… especially when you factor in the new improved longer bathroom breaks and the personal masseuse that now comes standard with all work cubes — they stand behind you while you work and massage your shoulders and back so you can be more productive.   They also run short errands for you to bring you other essentials to you being productive (for example snacks, TEA, Legos!).” ~ Mango-Man, 9/2/08

One thought on “funny quotes about Mondays, part 2

  1. Mr.Awesome

    I heard that to help with crappy work environments people tend to outsource their own jobs to india.

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