today’s lunch at a Chinese buffet

Today I had lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, and when we got to our table, we noticed a woman lying in the floor with a man crouched by her.  This gave me pause about eating there, but it turns out she just hadn’t taken her medicine and was fainting.  On the way out she fell down again.  Poor lady… she should’ve eaten more to gain some strength.  I would’ve gladly demonstrated how much one should eat there (to get your money’s worth, of course), but she left when I was getting started.  I went ahead with the demonstration, though, just in case someone else was watching and not sure if they should get that second plate or not…

I noticed on the buffet this time they had some chicken strips, where were actually pretty good.  But what amused me about it was the name above them :


Without the plurality, it makes you think of it with a Chinese accent or in Ebonics.  “I’m gonna go get me some more of them chicken strip.”  (Yeah, sometimes I’m amused by simple things…  I try to enjoy life everywhere I’m at.)

And one typical characteristic of Chinese food holds true again today — just a few hours later, I’m hungry again.  So now I’m eagerly waiting for my next eating adventure.  🙂

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