Mike Huckabee is Chuck Norris approved

If you haven’t heard yet, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is now “Chuck Norris Approved”.  Here’s the video.  This is one of the coolest commercials ever.

It’s very rare to see a politician who actually has a sense of humor.  But the overall message isn’t a joke — Chuck Norris has actually endorsed Mike Huckabee.

If only Huckabee would make Chuck Norris the secretary of defense or something like that…

6 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee is Chuck Norris approved

  1. Vote for Hillary

    If the list of candidates to choose from was a line of port-o-potties outside a concert, Huckabee would be the one overflowing with diarrhea.
    If you want a real candidate with real values, then you want Hillary Clinton. Just trust me.

  2. Fab

    I would have to trust you, because I surely can’t trust her. She has virtually no qualifications other than the name “Clinton”. And the only thing that name realistically qualifies her for is to lie. She’s a 2nd term Senator who served one term and began running for President the 2nd. Yes, she’s more qualified than John Edwards, who served one term in the Senate, except for the last 2 years when he was running for President and Vice-President. And Obama, after his first 2 years in the Senate, started running and he comes across as a real lightweight. What real experience managing do they really have? Read the truth here: http://simplyfab.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/what-qualifies-top-democrats-to-be-president/.

    As for values, I never heard of any values the Clintons had that I would want. Sneakiness, under-handedness, power-hunger, manipulative, wishy-washy, and a host of other hyphenated words are all that I can come up with to describe her values. Her faked regional accents insult people’s intelligence, her lack of real qualifications make her a joke, and her inability to face tough questions makes her look like a “sissy girl” who the boys always pick on with their tough questions. She changes positions on issues in a matter of minutes, depending on the direction the political wind is blowing. She’s mean, ugly, unlikeable and fairly shallow. She has a terminal political disease called un-electability and I will be so glad when the day arrives when the name Clinton disappears from the political landscape. Other than that, I like her a lot! 🙂

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  4. Thomas Wayne

    Uhh… someone is going to compare the candidates to port-o-potties and offers no defense / argument whatsoever other than “just trust me”? Are we supposed to take them seriously?

    Besides, their name is “Vote for Hillary”, which I bet is not their real name! Obviously their bias is so extreme that they are afraid to use their real name, for fear of showing their shame. Now, with me, my name is there for you to see, so you can truly trust me. 🙂 But don’t worry, I won’t tell you who to vote for, because it’s your choice. However, I will say that voting for Hillary would probably be one of the worst things you could do for our freedoms and rights in this country. And you don’t have to “just trust me” on that — just look at her records (that is, her actual records, and not just what she says in her polished answers).

  5. Vote for Chuck

    Chuck Norris is who we should be electing President, not who he supports.
    I’ll even give two reasons why you should Vote Chuck.
    1. He’s Chuck Norris!
    2. Can you see where Chuck is, right now? No? That’s because he’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU!! And will probably kick you in half if you even think of not voting for him.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    I’m voting for Chuck Norris! Mike Huckabee can be his VP. Or he could get Stephen Colbert for comic relief. Yeah, the latter is a great combo. Think about it — the toughest president ever, and the funniest vice-president ever.

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