funny TV commercials

It’s rather unfortunate that most TV shows now contain as much commercials as actual program.  If the advertisers would put a little more effort into their commercials, using some creativity and humor, it wouldn’t be quite so bad.  At least there are a few that do, even though it’s a low percentage.

Today I’m going to link to a couple of funny commercials that I’ve seen recently.  One is for cereal.  Just by the title, you may think it’ll be boring, because it’s about bran cereal, but it’s got all kinds of visual puns in it, about being “regular”.  So check it out.

The other commercial is a newer one for , where a young boy brings his jam box with him to the dinner table, playing a “funky” beat and getting down with it.  He gets in the groove and times his eating to the beat.  It’s funny to see how his parents respond.  🙂

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