free beats, in a live, spontaneous setting

It’s good to see someone promoting the arts in a free and creative way.  This guy provides free beats (via beatboxing) to anyone who would like to sing, rap, read poetry, or dance along.  This was done in New York City, where there is a large diversity of art and culture.  The results are interesting.

3 thoughts on “free beats, in a live, spontaneous setting

  1. Important Evil Genius E.D.

    hey… is that Mr. Destructo at 1:58? i’m pretty sure it is… as usual he thinks he sounds cool, and has it all figured out… when in reality he just ‘major’ly SIPHONS!

    note to destructo… yes, that was a double entendre directed at both you and your major… both which siphon! isn’t it time you graduated already?

    note to others: mr. destructo is young world dominating ‘wanna-be’, he’s busying himself with school re-taking world domination-101

  2. Mr. Destructo

    Nope, that wasn’t me. And why does my graduation matter to you? Is the suspense killing you? When I finish my doctoral studies, I will unleash my master plan of world domination, the likes of which the world has never even imagined! You will be shocked, awed, and overwhelmed by the awesomeness.

    Why do you dis’ education? Your have tried and failed MANY TIMES to conquer the world, using your archaic plans. Didn’t you try to use pickles one time? *sigh* And are you still building your secret bases inside volcanoes? You really should think about the side-effects of that… I could go on, but you are obviously stuck in your incompetent ways.

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