crazy random game

This is a very random game.  I don’t know if you can win or not — but it’s kinda fun for a while.  There’s 4 elements falling at all times : sand, water, salt, and oil.  Then you can add any of these elements as you wish, plus fire, plants, a spout, a wall, cera, and “???”.  There’s also an eraser, if you want to remove part of a wall.  There’s some type of thing that destroys all you do, if it’s moving around (you can turn it off).  It seems to not like salt.  You can use walls and the “cera” to direct the falling elements as you want them.  Combine a plant with water and it grows.  Obviously fire has an effect on a couple of elements, too.  And sometimes things can get crazy.

Check it out here.

It’s pretty pointless, in that you don’t ever “win” or get a high score, but it’s one of those games where you can play for a while, then realize time has went faster than you realized and then you think perhaps you should’ve been doing something more productive.  🙂

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