caption contest, golf cart on fire

As I was watching SportsCenter earlier, there was talk of the upcoming golf tournament The Masters, so I thought maybe a golf picture would be good for this week’s caption contest.   But I don’t have one that would be open to many captions, plus we’ve done that before.   So how about a photo of a golf cart… ON FIRE!

This picture really needs an explanation.   There is a stack of chairs, a fire extinguisher, and a golf cart on fire, yet no one is around.  Something unusual happened here, but I don’t know what.  So figure out what could’ve happened… in a funny way, of course.

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, golf cart on fire

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Here we see the ninja firefighters, about to spring into action.

    No really, they have to jump in. Can’t walk towards the fire like everybody else, they had to get a stack of chairs together to backflip off of first. Look, you can(‘t) even see one at the top.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    The university had just acquired these new golf carts for the landscaping crew. For safety reasons, they wanted training, so they just picked an organization randomly from the phone book, and ended up with Mango-Man’s School of Driving. You can see how that worked out for them…

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    I think the campus coffee shop is serving the coffee too hot. Just look what happened when I spilled some on the seat!

  4. Burford

    “Please don’t fire me! I promise to never again get the flamethrower mixed up with the pressure washer!”

  5. Al Bore

    I blame it on Global Warming! Everybody buy my mockumentary so I can get rich and make the world a better place!

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