caption contest, Batman wanna-be

This week’s caption contest features a Batman wanna-be.  Or, if it actually is Batman, he’s really let himself go.  Either way, it’s up to you to figure out something funny to explain this picture.  Remember that you can create a backstory however you want, to setup any particular jokes or puns (if you must).  You can even tie your explanation in with current events or Batman movies or a previous caption contest (links are allowed).  The only rules are to keep it clean and make it funny.

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24 thoughts on “caption contest, Batman wanna-be

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t know what happened, but I bet you a dollar a donut that Batman started carrying Bat Snacks on his utility belt…

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    As part of a new anti-mugging initiative, all shoppers are to dress as Batman. That way, the mugger thinks you are Batman and leaves you alone.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Batman, to guy off-screen: “Now, come. We mustn’t linger. It is not safe here at night.”
    Other guy: “It’s day.”
    Batman: “Well, then, I suppose we can linger for a moment.”

  4. Thomas Wayne

    I was wondering when Bruce Wayne would start eating like a billionaire… (I tell ya, if I had billions of dollars, I’d have chefs on-staff who could fix anything I wanted at any time.)

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    After years of fighting crime, the utility belt had accumulated so many gadets that Batman had to grow a larger waist to hold it all.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    Announcer: “When the conditions are right, The Thing That Should Not Be will awaken from its eon-long slumber, to conquer the world. This must not happen!”

    Batman: “I’m not worried, because I’m Batman! So I’m going to continue eating all the Cheetos I want!”

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