random Monday quotes

There’s been several people search for funny Monday quotes (or some combination of those words), so today we’ll provide some random Monday quotes from our resident quotesmith’s collection.

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life.

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays… ~ secretary, Office Space

Monday is the root of all evil.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Mondays last 50% longer than the other days [each]. ~ Turtle Dundee, 7/25/06

And according to a recent study we conducted, Monday has been voted “Least Popular Day of the Week” 176 years in a row.

19 thoughts on “random Monday quotes

  1. Thomas Wayne

    It would certainly make my week a lot better if I was off work every Monday… somebody needs to make this happen.

  2. I got your logic...

    Monday and Tuesday are not the same. I see your point, but allow me to elucidate, if I may wax philosophical for a moment. Monday is bad because it is the first of 5 consecutive days of work (for most people). If we didn’t work Monday, then Tuesday would be nearly 20% less bad, because it would be the start of only 4 consecutive days. To take that further, if we worked just one day a week, it would be nowhere near as bad as Monday — it would be like a Friday, yet even better because you’d have a 6-day weekend coming up.

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  4. Abolish Mondays!

    I am writing this oratory on how monday is the worst day of the week and we should abolish mondays. It is supposed to be comic! I’d be more than happy to hear of some reasons on why we should abolish mondays, as well as stats that could be realated to this topic!

  5. Thomas Wayne

    If only one of the presidential candidates would make it part of his platform to do something about making Monday part of the weekend. I think he would get a lot of votes…

    I’ve received some polls from Congress before, but none of them had useful stuff like that…

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  7. Angie

    I’ve got a different theory. The first day back from the weekend is always Monday, the last day before a day off is always Friday. The day before ‘friday’ is always Thursday…the day before that is Wednesday. So, your 3 day work week is: Monday, Thursday, Friday.

    The last day off is always Sunday. All other days off are Saturday…because who need to know what day it is, if you don’t work tomorrow?

    So, the whole week is: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday. Not a bad week!!!!!!

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