the Sun is dangerous

In the news today, I read that the sun kills 60,000 people a year.  That’s more than the fighting in Iraq!  Something must be done!  Why aren’t people concerned about this?

Now there is something you can do.  Someone has started up a petition : Blow Up the Sun Petition.  (Really, I know nothing about this site whatsoever.  It doesn’t seem to do anything, even if you submit your name.)

Now, while blowing up the sun may save a few lives, it could have a potentially destructive effect on the rest of us… so we should consider this carefully before blowing up the sun…

2 thoughts on “the Sun is dangerous

  1. ingenious Idea

    rather than blowing up the sun why don’t we just squirt a bunch of high power spf-sunblock into it? that way the rays that come out of it will be less ‘lethal’ (filtered at the source rather than at our skin) & it’d keep me from having to put on sunblock all the time… 🙂

  2. outside-the-box thinker

    I like the idea of sunblock in the sun… however another alternative might be to just add spf to our water… they already add floride and other un-natural things… this way when you take a bath you soak up the sunblock.
    No more accidentily missing a spot & getting burned… it would be uniform coverage. alternatively if you dont like this idea cause you ‘drink’ tap water, maybe some kind of ‘bath tablet’ would suffice… kinda like a bath salt… you just toss it in & wah-lah!… that there is a money making idea if ever I’ve heard one…

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