caption contest, people playing game in rubble

Here’s this week’s caption contest, featuring a group of people that appear to be playing a board game amidst rubble from some catastrophe like an earthquake or bombing.  I realize such events are tragic in real life, but the people in the picture are trying to have a good time despite whatever went wrong there, so in that same attitude let’s think of funny captions that go with this picture.

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, people playing game in rubble

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Now you know what happens when you cheat at Monopoly. Just be glad they weren’t playing Risk.

  2. Fab

    The terrorist masterminds continued in shocked denial as if nothing ever happened to interrupt their strategery planning session, even as the four walls of the safehouse disappeared before their very eyes.

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    On this week’s episode of ‘Television Remodeling Show’, we’ve gone with an open floor plan, and removed some walls and ceiling.

  4. Crappo the Clown

    I told Xiang to quit eating so many beans! The house can take only so much vibration before it fall!

  5. SmellyCat

    A couple of Black Panthers with dynamite visited a polling place in San Francisco.

    Four witnesses were playing Scrabble, used I-phones to record the Panther’s “visit”, and posted it on

    and the U.S. Justice Dept. said nothing criminal occured. 😦

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