Los Links!

The other day in a Mexican restaurant, I saw a TV commercial for Microsoft’s search engine Bing.  It looked like a parody of a Spanish soap opera.  I’ve since seen it on English TV.  There’s two of them I’ve seen so far, and they’re funny because the acting and script is so bad.   Actually, there’s more bad acting than storyline, which works in terms of randomness.

Los Links, Episode Uno

Los Links, Episode Dos

If you actually want to make more sense of the commercials, there are extended versions of both, which are about a minute long each.

Los Links, Episode Uno (extended version)

Los Links, Episode Dos (extended version)

One thought on “Los Links!

  1. Crappo the Clown

    Those videos give me gas…


    Now ever time I hear someone say “Bing”, I’m gonna rip one…

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