caption contest, violinist in ocean

For our next weekly caption contest, let’s use a picture of a violinist playing his violin in the surf of the ocean.  The waves are splashing up around him, which doesn’t seem like a good thing for the violin, but that’s not our concern.  What we have to do is figure out what’s going on here.  Write a caption explaining why this man is playing his violin / fiddle in the ocean.  Or your perspective could be of someone watching this… or just commentary about it.  It can be whatever — just make it funny.

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13 thoughts on “caption contest, violinist in ocean

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    The pied piper leads the rats away from town, and the tide violinist leads the waves to the shore. There’s also the mosquito trombonist, the thunderstorm saxophoner, and the blizzard drummer.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    This is music for the surf bored…

    (Yeah, that’s worth a groan, and not much more… but that kind of humor is on Mango-Man’s level, so this one’s for him!) 🙂

  3. mangoman

    It was in the midst of featured violinists solo, of what was to be his last performance before a long awaited retirement. but alas his career ended in tragedy when his ‘depends undergarment” catastrophicly failed. In retrospect the performer regrets the decision to perform Handels ‘water music’, thus tempting fate a a bit too much.

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