caption contest, tribal man blowing horn

How about another caption contest?  Okay?  Here we go.  What’s going on here?

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, tribal man blowing horn

  1. Thomas Wayne

    When I blow this shofar, everyone run into battle!


    Wait! Come back! That wasn’t the horn you heard! (I’ve gotta cut back on the beans when it’s my turn to blow the horn.)

  2. Thomas Wayne

    This war paint means I’m tough!

    Actually, the literal translation is: “Me big bad dude; Me beat up people who stupid!”

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Maybe this war paint will disguise the fact that my belly is hanging over my loin cloth.

    DOH! I used horizontal stripes on my belly, which will make me look even fatter! What was I thinking???

  4. Thomas Wayne

    I know some of you guys out there wonder how I can wear a loin cloth… Well, I will say that it provides excellent ventilation, if you know what I mean. (It also doesn’t muffle the sound at all, if you have some thunder from down under.)

  5. Mango-man

    everyone watches in silent anticipation as Teeto attempts to break the world record for the largest spitball ever shot.

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