a big hole in the universe — why is this news?

According to local news sources, astronomers have found a hole in the universe.  That sounded interesting, but there’s actually nothing to it.  There’s no actual “hole” — someone just looked out in space and found an area with nothing there.  An excerpt from the article :

Astronomers have stumbled upon a tremendous hole in the universe. That’s got them scratching their heads about what’s just not there. The cosmic blank spot has no stray stars, no galaxies, no sucking black holes, not even mysterious dark matter. It is 1 billion light years across of nothing. That’s an expanse of nearly 6 billion trillion miles of emptiness, a University of Minnesota team announced Thursday. … It could also be a statistical freak of nature, but that’s probably less likely than a giant void, said James Condon, an astronomer at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. … “It looks like something to be taken seriously,” said Brent Tully, a University of Hawaii astronomer who wasn’t part of this research but studies the void closer to Earth. … Retired NASA astronomer Steve Maran said of the discovery: “This is incredibly important for something where there is nothing to it.”

So if there’s a spot in the universe with nothing there, it’s a hole?  I can look in the night sky and see lots of empty spots.  The retired NASA astronomer’s statement is puzzling, also.  He said there’s “nothing to it”, yet it is also “incredibly important”.  What does that mean?  Is it important because this new “discovery” (or lack of discovery) might result in additional millions of dollars in research grants?  I hope not!

This seems like one of the biggest non-newsworthy discoveries ever.  They put their news-sounding verbiage to it, but consider it this way : “I was looking around the sky with my telescope and radio transmissions receiver, and I found this big spot where nothing is there.”  Since when is it big news when there’s an empty patch of space?  Are there supposed to be stars in every single part of the universe?  If so, who decided that?

If there are missing stars out there, that would be newsworthy, because it would mean something — or someone — was stealing them.  But the article did not imply that at all.  So what’s the big deal?  Can anyone explain why this is news?

8 thoughts on “a big hole in the universe — why is this news?

  1. Xangrilah Emissary

    Greetings Earthlings,

    We advise that you cease your inquiry into the nothingness of that space. There is nothing there. You have not-seen it for yourselves.

    to the betterment of all,

  2. Fab

    It could be that the telescope was pointed wrong and they accidentally looked where Al Gore’s brain should be and there was nothing there. 🙂

  3. Important Expert Space Astronomer

    I know what happened here. In “Astronomer circles” it’s commont to hear talk a giant space vacuum. Yet these same groups of people are confused when they find an empty spot in space??? Isn’t it obvious what’s going on? The space vacuum cleaned it up! Thats why there is that empty expanse of space… it fell pray to a cosmic dust buster!

  4. Thomas Wayne

    It sounds like that Xangrilah Emissary is trying to hide something… maybe that whole space vacuum thing is a myth, like gravity. Perhaps we should research further… or interrogate that Emissary dude and see what he knows. We’ll make him listen to Joseph Spence CDs until he talks!


    Forecasts during the development of the theory “Krishna Mohan’s concept of permanency of Continents- Is the only reality- about Evolution of Earth”.:-

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    1) Mt. Everest, in the Himalayas,
    2) Peak K2,
    3) Gulf of Guayaquil,
    4) Ridges in the Indian Ocean, south of India,
    5) Strait of Gibraltar.
    Mt. Everest, the tallest peak in the world was forecast to be situated on the southernmost convex curve in the Himalayas, thus suggestive of the inertia of rest. Most of the Geologists, even the seniormost, who claim the right to be the only one to say anything about the evolution of Earth, or anything about the Himalayas, do not even know where the Mt. Everest is situated, in the Himalayas, leave aside its formation process.
    The formation process of the Mt. Everest, as well as that of all the Himalayas, and there on of all the Earth is so very well scientific, interesting, and so easy to understand even for a high school pass student. Some people who start claiming rights, or divide education into rigid compartments, have made information, knowledge and progress not only difficult but impossible.
    Peak K2, the second most tallest peak in the world was forecast to be situated in the northwest Himalayas, thus suggestive of the inertia of motion.
    The Gulf of Guayaquil was forecast to form the westernmost end in the South American Continent, in order to lay the tall peaks closeby, in the process, thus suggestive of the tremendous retardation, thus leaving a gap to develop, onward westward. There are similar Gulfs along the west of the west coast, in the North American Continent as well, thus contradicting the westward movement, suggested by plate tectonics.
    Ridges in the Indian Ocean, south of India, were forecast to suggest sudden lift, not travel of the Indian plate, as suggested by plate tectonics.
    The Strait of Gibraltar, was forecast to have the two banks, forming almost parallel in unison, along the lines of the anti–clockwise rotation, perfectly east-west, slowly and slowly bit by bit, coming so close by also to each other, as almost all the land lays down on the way itself.
    So very little is left to lay now, but only to come close, and that too parallel to the lines of latitude. The gap in between shows the paucity of land formation, further west. If studied carefully the land forms at the actual site, on both ends must be perfectly parallel along a certain reach, and that too parallel to the Equator, even if short, but must extend for a kilometre or two at least, to be precise, between Morocco and Spain.
    The forecast has a meaning here to explain that the reasons along with the presence of the feature were written on paper by this writer, well in advance and then the books were referred for confirming the actual location. .
    Similarly we have a very good explanation for the formation of the Mid- Atlantic Oceanic deep floor rift, the backbone of plate tectonics and Continental drift, presently being explained as the process of sea floor spreading, and to have been formed due to the westward drifting of the two American Continents, away from Eurasia. .
    The details are not elaborated here. Only some features are being mentioned to explain the sanctity of the concept of permanency, so as to develop and create interest of the reader therein.
    The theory being propagated has no intention of collision with other concepts. A rose comes out to bloom even if there are thousands of thorns around nearby.


  6. Thomas Wayne

    Uhh… that’s random, for sure. One phrase concerns me : “which makes cricket a great game, as each ball is an Atom Bomb in motion.” While it sounds cool in theory to add explosions to sports, in practice this would be a mess, and attendance (by fans & players) would decrease dramatically, one way or another.

    Also, I don’t know anything about The Gulf of Guayaquil, but you mentioned “tremendous retardation”, and I don’t want anything to do with that. I didn’t know landforms could be retarded, but maybe there needs to be some land psychologist… there probably is already, given how diluted the field is now.

    And when you said in closing that “the theory being propagated has no intention of collision with other concepts”, that’s very much true. I kept waiting for how it would relate / collide with the concept of the hole in the universe, but it never happened. So I guess it was never intended to. So I wonder why it’s here… but it is randomness, which is the “focus” of this blog, so I guess it fits, kinda…


    Progressive Attitude:-
    There is a remark by a gentleman that he has nothing to do with the remarks given by me, above, and he wants to show ignorance about the Gulf of Guyaquil. Similar is the situation with all the other important aspects of knowledge, about most of which we want to remain ignorant, but still want to persist with the tendency of thrusting our own ideas and opinions on others.
    That is the reason the knowledge is not progressing and instead suffering and even the middle class and 10th class students are made the remember the absurdities like the one, that India was so much so in the southern hemisphere, 70 million years ago and then moved at a turtle pace northward to collide against Eurasia, as according to them, or plate tectonics, every mountain range is a result of the collision of two plates.
    So is the story about the mountain ranges along the west coast of the two American Continents, as well. Similarly every body speaks of the collision of heavenly bodies for the formation of Planets and the Moon etc. We also speak of the black holes, and at the same time changing our statements all the time.
    Are these explanations correct and no body has a right to say anything, then why so much research work involving huge sums of money? Is all the money involved is their own? So why not some body else, well meaning towards the work, has right to say a bit or contribute his own?
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    Again I can transmit much good work, without any certificate of the big people of the trade, but they will have to give justifications to some important questions. So I can certify myself.
    So nobody else has to worry on that account, as there are so many absurdities, both in the field of knowledge of the Evolution process of the Earth as well as the Evolution of the Universe.
    I have already contributed five letters to one of such sites, which suddenly was not to be seen on the Internet. I was preparing to contribute more in the form the letter in question, sent to you earlier on 9th, which happened to become a misfit, also as per the gentleman. So he is very correct in saying so, for which I feel sorry, not to be able to keep myself to the context in question. But the context, itself, is always changing.
    It was just in haste, as I had devoted the whole day preparing and sorting the matter to be sent to the distinguished readers on the Internet. The day was almost at the point of changing to another day, which I hate most of the time in doing my work. I tend to be prompt in preparing my documents.
    I happened to find your site with a Blog space, so immediately took the opportunity and submitted my whole day preparation. I had myself understood that my submission will not be taken in the right spirit, being out of context.
    But so is generally the condition with all the knowledge and information, because nobody wants to say clearly, but wants to maintain ambiguity, most of the time, as we are not clear ourselves. So we want to maintain a false air of superiority, difference and a separation of compartments of study.
    So there are always enough people to always ridicule you and make your work appear ridiculous. But I want to take this opportunity to create interest in my work, so that things may move and may find right directions and conclusions. People have to say something, let them, but be sure that they mean work, and work too means positive work. . I am sorry that my English is not much good and strong. I have to correct myself. In my previous letter by mistake I have written empire for umpire, so the correction may be incorporated.
    Krishna Mohan’s Agrawal, Delhi, India. 12th September, 2007

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Your dissertation seemed odd in the context of the random discussion we were having. Sometimes we do discuss actual science and such here, but usually it’s with a humorous twist. That was what happened in my response to your first article. It’s nothing personal, and it wasn’t meant to ridicule your work. This is just a humor site, and that’s what we do.

    And BTW, I don’t have to put on a “false air of superiority”, because I have a real “air of superiority”. It’s all natural, too. Yep-yep… 🙂

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