random mid-week links

Here’s a few links to some random stories or news that you might’ve missed, including a video clip and a movie trailer that you’ll probably want to watch.

wrecking ball lands in trunk of carA 1,500 pound wrecking ball broke loose from a demolition crane and rolled nearly three-quarters of a mile downhill, damaging multiple cars.  It finally landed in the trunk of a car at an intersection, and it pushed the car forward about 20 feet, causing it to crash into two other vehicles.

Have you ever wondered how insects look up close?  You may be surprised.

There’s been numerous movies based on video games, and most of them have siphoned.  Think of Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, DOOM, Mortal Kombat, etc. — none were nearly as good as the game.  None of them could really capture what it was like to play the game.  Well, someone has decided to make a movie on one of the most famous games of all time, and it’s something original.  It’s .  Follow the link to see the live-action trailer.

Some guy hacked the Nintendo Wiimote to measure g-forces and acceleration of his car.  That’s very nerdy, yet it’s cool that the Wiimote has that much technology in it.

I saw an article saying pigeon dung contributed to Minneapolis bridge collapse, but I think that’s a load of crap.

You might’ve seen this one already, as it’s making the rounds via e-mail forwards.  from the Miss Teen USA 2007 competition tries to answer a question about why one-fifth of Americans are unable to locate the United States on a world map.  I’m sure she was extremely nervous, but it sounded like her answer was a collection of catch-phrases.  What does Iraq and South Africa have to do with Americans not being able to read a map?  Anyway, it’s very much random, but that wasn’t the right place for it.  Do you feel sorry for her, or is it her fault for not being prepared enough or for being too stupid?

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