adding site search tags

I’m going to start adding tags to the end of posts to help with search engine optimization.  Or, in other words, to help bring more people to the site.  The more, the merrier, they say.  (Whoever “they” is.)  You’ll notice it as links after the post.  In most cases, they will just search this blog for other posts with that word or phrase in it.  The tags have to be a link, hence the search capability.  The words will just be “tags” that specify what the post is about.

Hopefully this helps more people find the random goodness that is Buffet o’ Blog.  If it helps, I’ll keep them.  If there is no difference in traffic, then they’ll go the way of the dodo.  So it’s like an experiment.  And I just wanted to let my regular readers know what’s going on.  They’ll be visible, because they have to be.  Google penalizes your Page Rank if you hide text behind pictures or make it the same color as the background.

And the experiment starts now…  🙂

Site search tags: , , , , ,

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