I’m too hot for my shirt

Not to keep talking about the weather, but, I’m going to.  🙂  The heat continues to get more extreme here in Arkansas.  Today is the 7th straight day of temperatures over 100, and it’s predicted for another 6 days.  The high today is 106, and on Wednesday it’s 108.  For those of you who live here, you know how bad this is and why.  This isn’t some “dry heat” like in Arizona — we have lots of humidity.  So when you step outside you start sweating almost instantly.

We’ve been upgrading the heat status here, going from “crazy-mad hot” to “stupid-hot”, and we’re trying to think up a term for these 106-108 degree days where the heat index is over 115.  We haven’t decided on the next term, although unofficially I’m saying it’s that-ain’t-right hot.  If anyone has any suggestions for what to call it, feel free to speak up.

I realize there are places with worse weather, but this past weekend I saw a map that showed Arkansas having the highest temperatures in the U.S. right now.  Why is that?  Why are we being picked on?  Who’s going to do something about it?

I wonder what my boss would do if I took my shirt off at work… I might get to work from home.  Or, he might say to go home and not bother working anymore… 🙂  But at least I wouldn’t have to go outside.

11 thoughts on “I’m too hot for my shirt

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I’m with Fred! I wasn’t gonna go there, but since you already did, I know what ya mean, brotha’. I just wasn’t gonna say anything because some people get uncomfortable when I talk about my manliness and my appeal towards my lady-fans. I don’t want to make folks all jealous and stuff…

    BTW, I can’t quite figure out why, but for some reason that Ned Perm guy sounds like he might know a thing or two about weather…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Are you implying that Ned Perm might be an evil genius? I don’t think he is, but I don’t really know him. He doesn’t have the right name. The name is important, y’know. Folks like Mr. Destructo, and that Important Evil Genius, they have cool names. (Although the I.E.G. is old and doesn’t do much except talk smack, but he does have a cool name.)

    Folks sure like to blame President Bush for everything, don’t they? I imagine someone is blaming him. I want to blame those proponents of global warming…

  3. A.G.O.C.

    I believe in global warming. It warms up every time those global warming nuts open their mouths ’cause they’re full of nothing but hot air. Speaking of hot air, I must now retire to the mens’ room and do some global warming of my own. FVVVVVRRRRRRTTTTTT!

  4. Beppo

    For those of you who don’t live here and don’t know just how hot it is, it’s hot 24/7 these days. For example, I was outside last night around midnight and it was still way too hot. I’m talking about sweaty-hot. That just ain’t right!

    Last night I was changing a flat tire on my truck. (And for those of you who doubted my ability to do that, I did it on my own, without requesting third-party help. Even though I’m a nerd, I’m not totally useless with tools.)

  5. Grammer Guy

    So by analyzing your statement “i’m not totally useless with tools”. That would imply that ‘without tools’ you are indeed totally useless. Enlightening isn’t it? 🙂

  6. Beppo

    No, what you’re saying is :

    Grammer Guy = Stupid Guy

    It’s also ironic that the spelling of “Grammer” says about all you need to know about the accuracy of his interpretations. 🙂

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