it’s even more way too hot

In the last post I discussed how it’s crazy-mad hot here, but it’s gotten even worse.  So we’ve upgraded the weather situation to stupid-hot.  The high is now over 100 degrees with massive amounts of humidity, pushing the heat index over 110.  We’ve also revisited yesterday’s plan to see if it was sufficient for these extreme circumstances.  We realized the distribution of ice cream sandwiches is catering more to people who work indoors, like in offices and cubicles.  However, some people work outside, and an ice cream sandwich will provide only a few minutes respite from the heat.  So we have improved our plan, in a big way.

The city should create a dome around our city, either inflatable or retractable so it can be removed in times of good weather.  This will be put up in the summer, to protect people from extreme heat temperatures.  But the benefits don’t stop there.  Instead of us going downtown to watch a movie on an inflatable screen, they can project movies on the dome, so everyone in town can watch it at once.  The audio can be tuned in via FM radio.  And the city could put on some massive lightning shows on the dome, where it would be safe to stand outside and watch.

The dome will have some vents at the top to let in some fresh air, to provide circulation for our biosphere.  And if a low-flying cloud gets sucked through, that’s just an added bonus.  So it could still rain inside the dome, when the vents are open.

How cool would this be?  I think someone should make it happen.  Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the original idea.  It would take a while to inflate or close the roof, so in the meantime we can be served ice cream sandwiches.  🙂

4 thoughts on “it’s even more way too hot

  1. Say what?!

    I suggest driving around town and spraying the construction workers with chilled (not frozen) paintballs from a paintball gun. Of course, pain may occur, but I think I can manage. 🙂

    It is a win/win situation. The workers become cooler and i have fun in the process. as long as I have a dependable vehicle to make a hasty exit from the construction site.

    I think this would help me find some relief from the heat.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Hey, that’s a good idea! It would help them cool off, and it would provide hours of entertainment. Can I join you? 🙂

  3. Important Doctor

    Forget venting the top of your protective shade dome… keep it totally enclosed and AIR CONDITION the entire thing… now that’s thinking BIG! and I would highly endorse this plan!

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