Life-Saving advice here!

I was online recently and came across some articles about ‘worst case scenarios’.

These are articles written with the purpose of helping readers survive a tragedy should they be faced with one.  I understand that there are also books on this topic as well.

I want to mention 2 articles that I found to be ‘particularly’ helpful, and pass on the sage words of wisdom found here.

In the article “How to survive a volcanic eruption” (click here)  they recommend ‘staying away from the Lava”. 

In the other article “How to navigate a minefield” (click here).  They state that “Fields with large quantities of mutilated ani-mals may indicate a minefield.”

I thought the public should be aware of this potentially life saving advice. 

Now… I want to open this post up to our loyal readers.  Do you have some potentially ‘life-saving’ advice that you’d like to share?  Post it here!  The welfare of others could be at stake.

13 thoughts on “Life-Saving advice here!

  1. Important Sleep Clinician

    I would like to stress this to our zookeeper friends out there. It’s very, VERY important that one doesn’t fall asleep inside the cage of a hungry ferocious tiger while feeding them. To avoid this tragedy, you can do one of two things: a) NEVER listen to a Yanni CD prior to entering or while inside the tiger’s cage, or b) Play a Yanni CD for the tiger prior to entering the cage. DO NOT GET CAUGHT INSIDE THE CAGE WHILE THIS IS PLAYING WITHOUT EARPLUGS! Otherwise, it is a race against time–Who will succumb to the induction of sleep first, you or the tiger? ALWAYS wear earplugs when employing this strategy. Then, when the tiger is sound asleep, enter the cage for cleaning, feeding, or whatever. Be sure to wear earplugs and leave Yanni playing the entire time. This guarantees that the beast will remain safely dozing while you are safe from the hypnotic effects of this music. Do not, however, leave the CD playing on continuous loop. It will cause the animal to go into untimely hibernation. Hibernation should only happen in the winter and can be dangerous to the tiger’s health when it happens at another time.

  2. Dumb Blonde

    It’s like really important that if you’re considering suicide, like, don’t do it. I’ve heard that this will totally save your life.

  3. Bowels Aflame

    Don’t light farts while using the bacon grease diet or the new improved CHEESE and bacon grease diet.

  4. Important Expert on old Horror Movies

    This warning is for all the WOMEN out there… when you find yourself running from the inevitable monster/creature/zombie/etc WATCH where you are going… DO NOT FALL!!! I can not stress this enough!!! Just RUN! do NOT look back over your shoulder… consider yourselves warned!

  5. Thomas Wayne

    If you eat pickles, you will surely die. (And potato salad is almost just as evil, although you may only turn into a zombie.)

  6. Mango-Man

    When stranded in the desert is it imperative to find water as often as you can.

    Oh yeah… after you find it, you should drink it…

  7. Thomas Wayne

    The volcano article also says, “If you are already inside, stay there and move to a higher floor if possible. Close all doors and windows, and move any cars or machinery indoors if there is time.” I think I’d take my chances driving away — cross-country if necessary. A volcano flow is likely to burn your house down.

    The other article assumes you’re on a nature trek in Afghanistan. I think a good life-saving tip would be to avoid Afghanistan in general, along with most of the Middle East and North Korea.

    That site also tells you how to foil an alien abduction.

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