it’s too hot — what should we do about it?

Most people like to talk about the weather, or, at least they do so because they don’t know what else to say.  But today we have a special weather situation here in central Arkansas — it’s crazy-mad hot.  Not only is the basic temperature around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but there’s lots of humidity and way too much direct sunshine, which is pushing the heat index up to about 110 degrees.  So when you go outside to walk to your vehicle, you get sweaty — from just a short walk.  You can feel the heat bearing down on you in an oppressive manner, and that just ain’t right!

Not only is this extreme heat wave oppressive and uncomfortable, it’s dangerous.  Even the weather forecasters talk about how dangerous it is.  Folks can get all dried out (dehydrated), which can lead to constipation or even death.  And nobody wants to die from these things.  So it’s time for some action.  The way I figure it, the large amount of taxes I pay is for living here in the United States.  So the government needs to do something to provide a safe living environment for me and others in this predicament.  But what do they do about this dangerous heat?  Nothing.  I realize that changing the weather is a bit tricky — there’s a whole lot of math and physics involved, too much for me to explain here and still have readers at the end of this post, so just take my word on it.  But even if our nation’s leading scientists aren’t equipped yet to control the weather, they can at least provide relief, like with ice cream sandwiches.  Yes, they are excellent for helping people cool off and relax.

ice cream sandwichSo I propose that any time the heat index in a particular area goes above 95 degrees, FEMA or some similar such agency brings in truckloads of ice cream sandwiches.  And since it’s dangerous to be outside in this heat, they should deliver them to my desk.  Is this an absurd request?  Well, as I continue to think on it, no.  There’s only about two months of crazy-mad heat in my area of the country, and with the thousands I pay in taxes, that would buy a LOT of ice cream sandwiches.  And I will need only a few each day, like when I have to go to lunch and leave work.  (And some special considerations can be made for when I have to mow the yard.)  So write your state representatives in Congress, telling them you aren’t going to vote for them if they don’t supply ice cream sandwiches to those suffering from oppressive heat waves.

Okay, I reckon some of you will feel silly asking your state representatives to do this, so I have an alternate plan that will also work.  Write to the candidates running for Congress that you aren’t going to vote for anyway, so they’ll push for it, and then the eventual elected official will also jump on the bandwagon to get more votes.

5 thoughts on “it’s too hot — what should we do about it?

  1. Say what?!

    In order to get things done we need the ice cream sandwich people to tell the politicians the MAGIC sentence….

    “I will fund your campaign, and if you get elected, I own your soul.”

  2. Mango-Man

    I propose free goverment sponsored ice cream trucks, that way whenever you step outside you can stop one and get some much needed relief. Also it will make you feel like a kids again! 🙂

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