random question of the day

Would you rather eat a napkin or a heaping spoonful of mustard?

5 thoughts on “random question of the day

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I could use more fiber in my diet, so napkin. Besides, I don’t think people should eat mustard. I don’t think it’s even food.

  2. Important Nutritionist

    In my professional opinion, the napkin is much more nutritious. For a little flavor, you may add bacon grease or ketchup. Either way, the napkin would be a healthier alternative to fruit or candy for everyday snacking. Mustard is possibly the worst thing a person can place in his mouth! I do not recommend eating mustard EVER! It is very dangerous to your health and your body chemistry’s delicate electrolyte balance.

  3. Ittai

    adding flavor was not part of the question. either eat just napkin or just mustard.

    And I choose mustard because it is at least considered part of a dietary pyramid. Though low on my choice of favorite condiment.

  4. Mango-Man

    Mmmm… mustard! God’s perfect food… flavorful & no calories 🙂 I’m not saying this beats out something like bacon… but it sure beats a napkin 🙂

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