a variation on American football

We have an idea for a new sport — cross-country football.  It’s like American football in premise, but the field is 6 miles long and half a mile wide.  And you have more players per team.  Even if you get an opening in the defensive line, you need to have some serious endurance to score a touchdown.  For an individual player to excel at this version of football, you’d need to be an uber-athlete.  And you wouldn’t want too much of your defense to be 300-pound linemen, unless they’ve got some running speed and endurance.

It’s a weird idea, I know, and it’s way outside of the box, but think about it… then share your thoughts on this in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “a variation on American football

  1. Ittai

    instead of 300 pound lineman, you have 130 pound cross country runners. ESPN probably wouldn’t cover a sport that takes 1 hr. in order to score a point unless they really beat the snot out of each other.

    A sport similar to this idea but smaller in scope has already been invented.


    And I enjoy it more than football but there are not many rugby players in arkansas.

  2. Mango-Man

    Also Hockey is like this, but they use the ice so they dont have to run as much, they can just slide around. I disagree with Ittai about the point thing, all kinds of sports stations broadcase Hockey and they may go an entire game and not even score at ALL!

    A fun addition to the game of ‘cross country football’ would be some kind of modified potato gun to make those really long passes.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Or let some of the defensive players have a potato gun to slow down the offense. 🙂

    On a random side note — how come you never see a double-barrel potato gun? I bet it would be cool.

  4. Mango-Man

    I think i’m gonna invent a machine spud gun… it’ll shoot tater tots… 🙂

    actually i’ve seen places sell (what they call) pototo guns… you briefly stick the barrel into a potato to ‘load’ it and then pressurized air shoots the lil tator plug out. you can do something similiar just using a straw… and it’s cheaper.

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