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I’m trying a new widget in the sidebar, to list the “Top Posts”.  However, it’s disappointing, in that it’s not listing the top posts of all-time or even since they started giving per-post statistics.  It’s listing the top posts of the last 24-48 hours, which is not what I want.  But I’ll leave it up for a while, to see if the statistics start counting today, making it eventually show the top posts of all-time.

Since it’s not showing the top posts, I’ll list for you what have been the most popular posts :

For those of you that have been here a while, these will bring back some good memories.  If you’re (relatively) new to the site and missed some of these, now you have a “greatest hits” collection to catch up with.  (Of course, you’re always welcome to peruse all posts in the archives, and you can comment on any post, regardless of how old it is.  None of them have passed their expiration date, so they’re all still fresh and tasty.)

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