What happened to the ACORN investigation?

Remember the investigations about the ACORN group during the 2008 Presidential election?  Supposedly they were coercing people to vote for Obama instead of being non-partisan like they’re supposed to be.  And supposedly they were registering people to vote multiple times and also registering people who were already dead.  I haven’t heard anything about this investigation since Obama won the election.  I wonder why…

BTW, I heard that ACORN stands for “Association for Continual Obama Registration Now”.  That sounds about right…

One thought on “What happened to the ACORN investigation?

  1. Thomas Wayne

    ACORN is the story of nuts…

    FYI, Obama’s latest plan is proposing up to $5.2 billion to ACORN and groups like them. Some are calling this a bailout for ACORN. Is he rewarding those who swayed voters for him, or is he preparing the way for re-election? Or is it both?

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