an extra second in 2008

Some of you are probably preparing your New Year’s Eve celebrations / parties for tonight, but if so, you need to know about this.  An extra second has been added to the end of 2008, to keep atomic clocks accurate.  So when you’re all counting down the last 10 seconds, you have to allow an extra one or you’ll be celebrating 2009 prematurely.

Just thought you’d like to know…  🙂

(Personally, I wish they’d add an extra Saturday every so often… and to keep that from throwing off all the automated systems, they could delete a Monday or two… I’m sure most people wouldn’t mind.)

If you’re curious why an extra second was added to the year, it’s because the Earth is slowing down.   Yep, its rotation is actually slowing.  Who knows what will happen if it eventually stops?

What happened to the ACORN investigation?

Remember the investigations about the ACORN group during the 2008 Presidential election?  Supposedly they were coercing people to vote for Obama instead of being non-partisan like they’re supposed to be.  And supposedly they were registering people to vote multiple times and also registering people who were already dead.  I haven’t heard anything about this investigation since Obama won the election.  I wonder why…

BTW, I heard that ACORN stands for “Association for Continual Obama Registration Now”.  That sounds about right…

how to prepare for an Obama-nation

Now the 2008 Presidential election is over, and if you didn’t want Barack Hussein Obama to win, it’s too bad for you.  He won, so now we’re stuck with him for 4 years.  (And he’s already hinting at another term, but don’t let that scare you.  That’s still way off in the future, and perhaps the average voter will know him better by then.)

If you’re one of the people who are upset and scared about Obama as President, here’s some ideas on how to handle the situation:

  • Live in denial — That might sound nice, but it’s not realistic.  Society in America is gonna change, and you’re gonna notice.  Be real.  Take it like a man.  America has voted, and Obama is the people’s choice.  Now we’ve buttered our bread, and we have to lie in it.
  • Get out the sackcloth and ashes — You might want to order an extra supply of that for the next few years…  Pray for our nation.  Pray often!
  • Move to another country — I suppose that’s an option, but America is still one of the best countries.  If Obama is going to derail that, it would probably take a few years.  Most of the country isn’t as liberal as he is.  (So, uh, why did he get elected?  Oh, that’s right — deception!)
  • Embrace the change — This one would be difficult, and it might be bad for your mental health.  If you’re against socialism, big government, and far-left ideology, you shouldn’t switch over.  Just stay conservative and/or rational, and vote for someone else in 2012.
  • Pass gas every time someone mentions Obama — That might make you feel better, but the people around you aren’t going to appreciate it.  Well, some might at first, but it could become overwhelming.

Well, I hope this list helps you adjust to life in an Obama-nation.  I’m sure there are other alternatives, but this is a start.  If you have any other ideas, please share them in a comment, so we can all ease in to the massive amounts of CHANGE that Obama promised.

caption contest, Barack Obama, President-Elect

Election day for 2008 has come and gone, and now Barack Hussein Obama is our President-Elect.  This is truly a historic time for our country, in numerous ways.  (Hopefully it will be the good kind of history.  Time will tell.)

Anyway, in order to commemorate this event and to give you an outlet for your thoughts on it (whether positive, negative, excited, scared, terrified, curious, crap-your-pants-horrified, elated, I-can’t-believe-this-just-happened, dumbstruck, I’m-moving-out-of-the-country, whatever), here’s a picture needing a caption.

So given the current state of affairs in the United States and that Barack Obama will be our next President, explain what Obama might be thinking in this picture.


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