add your own captions, Bill & Hillary Clinton

Let’s have another caption contest!  I’m going to go with another political picture again, because the Democratic primaries are such big news.  This photo features both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  As you know, Hillary is in an interesting situation right now, in that many people are calling for her to give up.  But she’s staying in the race, because anything can happen (like someone getting assassinated, as she referenced recently).  I won’t start ranting now about how stupid her comment was.  (Must… stay… focused…  You can rant, if you want.)  Anyway, let’s get to the picture:

Bill Clinton frustrated while Hillary speaks

Put your captions / analysis / commentary in a comment, for all to enjoy.  🙂

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9 thoughts on “add your own captions, Bill & Hillary Clinton

  1. Mango-man

    bill: MAN! that woman can talk! it’s bad enough I have to listen to it at home… but on the road to?!?! that’s just inhumane!!!

  2. Mango-man

    bill: snore!!!! man… she’s STILL going!!! I think my head is going numb! … uh oh… this isn’t good! everybody suddenly looks kinda fuzzy! She must be going for some kind of guineas book record… now… back to my nap!

  3. pre-fab

    Bill: I wish there HAD been snipers in Bosnia…..and good ones, then I wouldn’t be here today listening to her lies!

  4. Beppo

    Bill: Wait, she’s still in the running for President, so I’d better rephrase that last statement… she’s not speaking lies, depending on how you define “lies”.

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