offended at poop

Look at this…

poop in yard

I don’t have to tell you what this is.  This is poop.  You can call it crap, turds, or whatever colorful euphemism for feces you want.  Either way, it’s gross.  (As the saying goes, poop by any other name smells the same.)  But there’s no need for you to get offended… it’s not real poop.  It’s a picture of real poop, so what we have here is a virtual representation.  It doesn’t stink, and it won’t make a mess.  Go ahead and touch it.  See, nothing happens.  So don’t get all offended.

But I am offended.  The problem with this poop is that it’s in my yard.  But I didn’t put it there, neither did anyone associated with my household.  I have no pets at this time.  And I did not sign up for the fertilize-your-yard chain letter.  So this pile of poop was placed in my yard illegally.  Yeah, someone was trespassing.

I figure it was someone’s dog, but that’s still WRONG!  People shouldn’t let their dog poop in my yard!  If I knew who it was, I could toss it on their driveway, to make sure they took notice of it.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again, before bad things happen…

6 thoughts on “offended at poop

  1. pre-fab

    HELP HIM PLEASE !!!!!!! That dog has worms, he must be not feeling well and your yard was the only place he could find to hopefully let someone take a close up picture of this to see his misery. Apparently, he knows you well enough to know you had a digital camera to aid in his recovery. Can you please help him, he is in critical condition and is crying out for your help.

  2. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    I’m thinking his owner should notice. Perhaps the owner doesn’t always inspect his dog’s poop, which is understandable, but he should notice while he is scraping up his dog’s poop from other people’s yards, where it does not belong. That makes sense to me.

  3. pre-fab

    His owner is probably elderly and can not see up close and his camera doesn’t have as many megapixals as yours apparently does, so could you be so kind as to give the poor dog a chance or at least call BR549 and tell the vet to send out private eyes to find this dog to take him in and give him aid and comfort in his time of need. You may also want to buy the older man a new camera so he might be able to see the poop for what it really is, and one more thing, you may want to help the older gentleman by giving him a couple of thousand for laser eye surgery so he can prevent this from ever happening again. As you can see life can be full of poop if not caught in time. If this kind of crap continues you may want to move to a poop free zone, however , you will not find it here on this blog. Good Luck and may the feces be with you.

  4. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    That’s quite a generous, thoughtful idea… However, I don’t plan to buy a new camera nor pay for laser eye surgery for the owner, if he is elderly as you suppose. What I could do, is print a big poster of that photo, and have it say:

    “If this poop belongs to your dog, he needs help. AND MAKE SURE HE NEVER POOPS IN MY YARD AGAIN!”

    I’ll put all the text in extra large letters, so he won’t miss it and so he can read it easily.

    BTW, I called BR549, and some redneck-sounding dude answered. He said he had a lot of dogs, but he was more interested in selling me a used car…

  5. i love poo

    i know what to do with this poop it hapen to me once.
    just eat it!!belive me it is very tasty.
    i eat me poo and dogs poo much tastier…
    hope you injoy =]

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