pickles do not go with BBQ!

The other day I was at a BBQ place in Pine Bluff, trying it for the first time.  It was one of those great and turrible* experiences all wrapped into one.  I ordered a BBQ sandwich, but they put pickles on it!  Nowhere on the menu did it say pickles were included on it, nor did the waitress mention it.  I’ve ranted (numerous times) about having no tolerance of pickles, so I won’t rant on that again.  But they should tell you about such things!  They should warn you before exposing you to pickles!  I don’t know if they were trying to ruin my day or just completely ignorant of how much some people detest pickles.

Fortunately, the pickles had yet to soil the meat or bread with their evilness, so they were discarded with no harm done.  That’s a good thing, or the whole plate would’ve been returned.  (I’m not normally one to make a fuss at restaurants, but I have to draw the line at pickles.)  At least the food was great, so that was the bright spot on the trip.

There was another bad spot, though — the waitress never came back.  I finally had to ask for a refill of sweet tea, and they never brought a ticket.  Paying took a long time because they had to match people’s orders with a pile of tickets containing only codes.  I hope that type of service isn’t the norm.

Anyway, just thought I’d rant.  It’s my soapbox, and I can rant if I want to.  🙂  If you’re expecting a moral of the story, it’s that pickles should not be served at restaurants.  If I owned a restaurant…

* turrible is the worse form of terrible, and try to say it like Charles Barkley does, for full effect.

3 thoughts on “pickles do not go with BBQ!

  1. BeBop

    *Since I know you so well.

    When you say “discarded the pickles”, I assume you threw them onto the floor in front of the waitress. 😀

    *But of course, all of this is purely speculation and has nothing to do with any previous conversation(s) that might have occured regarding the consequences of pickle maleficence.

  2. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    Officially, Buffet o’ Blog does not endorse littering with pickles. (They should be shot into the sun, or at least tossed into a local incinerator.)

    That said, sometimes non-violent protests are necessary to make a statement stick.

    That’s all I can say about such speculation…

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