caption contest, lawmakers playing Solitaire instead of working

It may be late this week, but our weekly caption contest is finally here.  The photo this time features elected officials / lawmakers / politicians in a meeting, but some are playing Solitaire on their laptops while someone else speaks.  This actually happened a while back in Connecticut and it was Democrats goofing off, but for the sake of the caption contest, they can be whoever you want.

FYI, the point of this is for you to write something funny to explain this picture.  Feel free to get your political rant on, whether about the near government shutdown over budget issues or the current issue of the day, but phrase your response in the form of humor.  That is, make it funny, whether using satire or irony or puns or whatever.

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16 thoughts on “caption contest, lawmakers playing Solitaire instead of working

  1. Beppo

    “Why bother paying attention to the debate? I already know I’m going to vote on party lines, so they’re just wasting my time with their facts and research and common sense…”

  2. TaxMan

    The EPIC battle over our trillions dolloar debt comes down to who can beat Solitaire the fastest.

    Hey, don’t hate. We all make mistakes.

    I played pong while doing Tim Geithner’s taxes.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I’m glad they got caught. But the official statement from the Democrat party was that they were paying attention and weren’t trying to show any disrespect. Yeah, whatever. They should be fined, then suspended without pay. We’re not talking about someone letting their mind wander while a coworker discusses TPS reports that no one even uses — they’re debating public policy which affects millions of people.

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    I love how they all have tiny flags on their desks, as if they might suddenly forget what country they (mis)represent.

  5. MangoMan

    Democrat on right: I’m going to vote myself a bailout. all this laptop can play is solitaire! I need a new one. … hmmm, maybe I can vote myself a raise too?

  6. Holiday Inn Express

    I’m not sure what’s worse, that everyone in the picture seems to be ignoring the speaker with the help of a laptop, or that solitare is the best they could come up with. They could be having an awesome LAN party there instead.

  7. Crappo the Clown

    If they’re going to be so disrespectful of the speaker by not paying attention, they should at least have the nerve to do so publicly instead of hiding behind their laptops. One of them should rip one real loud — y’know, fart, like PHVRRRT! — and show their disapproval that way. At least then there would be hushed giggles and widespread discontent. The meetings wouldn’t be quite so boring then…

  8. Thomas Wayne

    To the senators not doing their job, YOU’RE FIRED!

    Thank you, drive thru. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

  9. Average Joe

    For elected officials with nice pay and automatic raises (despite everyone else’s reality), is it too much to ask that they actually work???

  10. Beppo

    Playing games is a lot easier than actually understanding the issues and trying to do the right thing… (It’s also lazy and irresponsible.)

  11. Thomas Wayne

    You know what really burns me up? Matches. But other than that, it’s hypocrites in politics who pretend to care about our interests and doing the right thing but they just do what serves their own interests.

  12. Thomas Wayne

    For the senators who intentionally aren’t doing their job, they should have to stand in front of their constituents and explain themselves. And I’m going to stand outside the place and sell tomatoes and other throwing-size fruits and vegetables.

  13. Crappo the Clown

    Democrats give me gas! So does politicians who promise all this great stuff and don’t do squat for our country except run up the debt promoting their own personal agenda!

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