how turrible is this video?

After I posted the Toilet Stool Rap video, Mango-Man said he wasn’t sure if that’s what he had in mind.  So he sent in a link to a video.  It involves badgers dancing and mushrooms.  This is the short version (36 seconds), but it’s not hard to find the longer versions if you want (which are just repeated).  You might’ve heard of it — apparently it went viral a couple of years ago, and a lot of people have made parodies of it.

My analysis is that this is the lamest video I have ever seen.  I feel dumber for having watched it.  If you watched it, I apologize.  Remember, this came from Mango-Man, so let him know if you think it’s worse than hammered crap*.  He reads the comments, so let your opinion be heard.

* In case you don’t know about hammered crap, it’s the latest rage.  There are numerous ways to play, but the best way is to get a big sledgehammer and a cow pattie.  The cow pattie can be fresh or “aged” — you should try using both to see which you prefer, but I think fresh makes more of an impact.  The rest of the game is obvious — you hammer the crap.  One big smash usually does the trick, and everyone there will remember that day for the rest of their lives.  It’s guaranteed to create lasting memories, stuff to tell your grandchildren about someday…

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