a discommodious definition

While reading product descriptions online, I came across a word I wasn’t very familiar with and it sounded out-of-place.  The word was discommodiously.  It is an actual word, but it doesn’t mean what it sounds like.  I mentioned this word to Mango-Man, and he didn’t have to look it up to suggest a definition:

Discommodiously sounds like something you do while on the can!  🙂

Usage: After eating all those bean burritos last night I had to rush to the restroom and use the toilet quite discommodiously!

The word actually means “to cause inconvenience or annoyance to; disturb”, so it kind of fits his example.  On second thought, when Mango-Man uses my restroom, it does cause inconvenience and annoyance because the paint peels off the walls!  So maybe he does know what he’s talking about!

So I nominate discommodious as the word of the week.  Use it any chance you get, to add more flavor and spice to your conversations.

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