another funny video

It’s nice to get feedback from the regular readers, to know what we’re doing right and what could be better.   Well, just the other day, Mango-Man suggested we post more funny videos, maybe even making it a recurring theme like our caption contests.  That’s not a bad idea.  We’ve linked to some great videos before, like Tunak Tunak Tun and Shingo Mama no Oha Rock! (which someone claimed as the best YouTube video) and part of a movie featuring Superman and a female Spiderman working together.  All classic stuff…

So here’s another funny video.  Normally I would explain it first, but this one is better if you watch it first.  It’s only 2:41 long, so go ahead and watch it, and then we can discuss it afterward.

Did you watch it yet?   You’ll enjoy it more if you watch it before knowing what it is.  🙂

If you don’t know, that is the infamous Toilet Stool Rap (T.S.R.) by the one and only Biz Markie.   Yeah, it’s a rap about having to poop, along with writing rhymes while on the can.  They don’t make rap like this anymore…

a discommodious definition

While reading product descriptions online, I came across a word I wasn’t very familiar with and it sounded out-of-place.  The word was discommodiously.  It is an actual word, but it doesn’t mean what it sounds like.  I mentioned this word to Mango-Man, and he didn’t have to look it up to suggest a definition:

Discommodiously sounds like something you do while on the can!  🙂

Usage: After eating all those bean burritos last night I had to rush to the restroom and use the toilet quite discommodiously!

The word actually means “to cause inconvenience or annoyance to; disturb”, so it kind of fits his example.  On second thought, when Mango-Man uses my restroom, it does cause inconvenience and annoyance because the paint peels off the walls!  So maybe he does know what he’s talking about!

So I nominate discommodious as the word of the week.  Use it any chance you get, to add more flavor and spice to your conversations.

free remix of MP3 comedy song

One of my friends was playing around with his keyboard and some effects it had, like looping drum beats and having laughter tied to the synth part.  He recorded it and sent it to me, just to show what he had done.  It seemed to be lacking something, so I forwarded it to D.J. Funky Dogg, who added some music effects to it, along with various sound effects and vocal utterances (plus some, uhh, other utterances).   It’s quite funny, if you find flatulence funny.  So I’m providing the download link for those who enjoy such things.  Just so you know, the file is about 1MB and the song is about 1 minute long.

First, a couple of disclaimers:

1) Obviously, if you are offended by the audible passing of gas, you should not download this free MP3.
2) If you are around people who can’t handle “potty humor”, you should listen on headphones.
3) If you are at work in a cubicle farm, go ahead and crank it up on your computer speakers — it’ll make everyone’s day a little more surreal.  🙂  (Though if folks think you’re uncouth, that’s yo’ problem!)
4) If you hurt yourself laughing, you don’t laugh often enough.  Subscribe to this blog and review the archives for help with that.
5) If you laugh at this, you can forward the link to this post to your friends who also appreciate this brand of humor.  That’s all we ask.

Okay, with that out of the way, here’s the link: Test Rekkerd (Stank Drawz Remix).mp3.

This track is released to the public “as is”, with no warranty expressed or implied.  It is also free, and you cannot claim it as your own and try to sell it.  If you do pirate this recording, we WILL find out and we’ll call J.G. Wentworfth to get our money NOW!

If you would like to have D.J. Funky Dogg remix your track, he is available for an exorbitant fee, although sometimes he will do things for us for fun (because we’re so cool and he diggs this blog), so you can send it to us via our contact form and we’ll see what happens.

caption contest, sumo wrestler intro

Are you ready for this week’s caption contest?  I know some of you are, because I actually got e-mail letting me know there wasn’t one posted on-time.   (It’s nice to be missed!)  The reason for the delay is because of an electrical malfunction at the Buffet o’ Blog headquarters, preventing me access to my computer and the Internet for a few days.  Now that it’s resolved, things can return to normal (or a reasonable approximation thereof).

Since this week’s caption contest is late, here’s an extra special photo.  And by special, I mean “lots of humor potential”.  It’s a sumo wrestler, performing some sort of introductory dance.  Let the humor begin!

sumo wrestler intro

FYI, some sites may frown upon “potty humor”, where you reference passing gas and such.  Let it be known that your humor is welcome here.   🙂

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