caption contest, sumo wrestler intro

Are you ready for this week’s caption contest?  I know some of you are, because I actually got e-mail letting me know there wasn’t one posted on-time.   (It’s nice to be missed!)  The reason for the delay is because of an electrical malfunction at the Buffet o’ Blog headquarters, preventing me access to my computer and the Internet for a few days.  Now that it’s resolved, things can return to normal (or a reasonable approximation thereof).

Since this week’s caption contest is late, here’s an extra special photo.  And by special, I mean “lots of humor potential”.  It’s a sumo wrestler, performing some sort of introductory dance.  Let the humor begin!

sumo wrestler intro

FYI, some sites may frown upon “potty humor”, where you reference passing gas and such.  Let it be known that your humor is welcome here.   🙂

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

13 thoughts on “caption contest, sumo wrestler intro

  1. Fab

    The helium-filled inflatable prosthetic leg wasn’t such a great idea. Sure it looked natural, but it had a habit of spontaneously floating off the ground.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    For one year only, the Olympics added sumo-gymnastics as a sport. Here, we see a competitor stretching out before an event.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Referee: “Note to self, we really need to ban those thong briefs… That just ain’t right! These guys can wrestle with more clothes on!”

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