new ratings feature on comments

I’m enabling a new rating feature on comments.  For each comment, you can choose whether you like it or don’t like it.  If it doesn’t move you significantly either way, don’t bother clicking on either.  This will enable readers to see the best (and worst) comments on a post at quick glance, which could be helpful if they don’t have time to read them all.

Where I see this being interesting is on the caption contests.  This way you can vote on which caption you like best.  You can vote on multiple entries, so if you can’t pick just one, pick several.  So for those of you who participate in the caption contests, you can come back to it at the end of each week (because that’s typically how long the comments roll in) to see if you won.

Hillary Clinton with two thumbs up

This post doesn’t say much, so I added a picture.  Hopefully the image of Hillary Clinton doesn’t ruin your day.  She approves the use of the thumbs up symbol.  In this photo, I imagine she saw how well her husband William Bill Clinton used the thumbs up gesture, so she figured two would be even more convincing of her sincerity before the great unwashed masses.  Unfortunately (for her), her attempt at it makes her look insincere… and constipated…

4 thoughts on “new ratings feature on comments

  1. Thomas Wayne

    HEY! Who gave me a negative rating?!? That was a good comment! Are you just jealous because you didn’t think of it?

    Reveal yourself, if you dare!

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