caption contest, car covered with grass

These days there’s lots of talk about cars, because of Obama’s “cash for clunkers” program, and there’s also talk of being “green”, to help the environment.  So this week’s caption contest features a green car, though not in the way you might expect.

Now, I know, it’s just a picture of a car (albeit a funny car).  But remember, there are many ways to make this work.  You can write a caption as a news headline, or make (dare I say it?) puns about it, or write your own story that involves it.

car covered with grass

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21 thoughts on “caption contest, car covered with grass

  1. Beppo

    Ford is taking the concept of a “green car” way too literally. But then again, their executives have been out of touch with reality for a while now…

    1. Bag O' Donuts

      He could wash it. Or he could play some loud 80’s hair metal to get rid of the grass. Little known fact, Whitesnake kills the grass.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    The next morning, Jack awoke early and went into the garden. “I wonder what became of those magical pinto beans,” he said to himself as he walked.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Now that Mango-Man has proven it is possible to grow grass on his car, it’s time for him to plant some flowers on it. Now, his life will be complete…

  4. Kri'

    “For a limited time only, a FREE oil change with every other Grass Clipping at the Lube & Tube/Weed & Feed Center!”

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Ironically, the green car had a very poor gas mileage. But that’s okay, because it’s still “green”. It doesn’t matter if it actually helps the environment long-term or not — if it’s “green”, it’s good. And if you’re against anything “green”, then you must hate America and thus you’re a terrorist. (I learned this from some far-left liberal people on TV.)

  6. Thomas Wayne

    “Wanted: Captain Planet needs a new sidekick who won’t leave the Dirtmobile OUT IN THE RAIN! I’m talking to you, Rusty!”

  7. MangoMan

    behold the redneck hunters new friend. the camo-car.
    no longer do you have to make that bothersome trek from your vehicle to your tree stand. now you can just park in the middle of a grassy field and shoot from the comfort and convenience of your own car.

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