dancing to Mii music on Wii

The music on the Mii channel on the Nintendo Wii has an unusual groove to it, and apparently it prompts some people to dance.  In the following video, the instructor of a recent Boogiezone University workshop danced to it for his students.

It’s too bad the Miis (characters / avatars) on the Wii don’t dance to it.  However, in Wii Fit you can see your Miis dancing (and you get to dance along, too), albeit it’s more of a step up / step down routine, but you can creatively add to it.

BTW, who knew there was a Boogiezone University?  Can you get a degree in getting your groove on?  I’m glad I didn’t have to take a dance class in college, or I might’ve lost my scholarships…

2 thoughts on “dancing to Mii music on Wii

  1. Kri'

    Wow, dude’s got some skills, although…

    I believe I saw someone waving a WiiMote at him from the crowd… I’m thinking this was staged a lot like those right-wingers planted in the town hall meeting lately…

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