a new flatulence fee

A new ordinance was just passed in San Francisco requiring certain restaurants, such as Taco Bell, to charge a “flatulence fee”, because of damage done to the atmosphere and because methane contributes to global warming.

I tell ya, the politically-correct crowd sure is pushing their over-sensitivities and liberal agendas on everyone else.  While I can’t argue that places like Taco Bell can cause exorbitant amounts of gas (as research* has shown), the government doesn’t have any right to tax us more for eating there!    * no comment.

BTW, this is not actually true, if you haven’t guessed.  It’s April Fools Day, so we’re supposed to make up stuff like this.  Unfortunately, though, some of the far-left in our society are getting so crazy that such a thing could actually happen.  If you haven’t heard, the government is debating whether to charge fees for air-polluting animals, such as cows.  Some are calling it the “cow tax”.  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.  Not only is it stupid, but it will bankrupt many farmers and cause more meat to be imported from other countries.  And that’s not funny.  (Click here for the full story.)

3 thoughts on “a new flatulence fee

  1. Kri'

    The gubbermint got this all wrong… these gases could be harnessed & used for the good of our country! This may just be the answer to our dependency on foreign sources of oil… everyone could have their own contraption to capture these gases to be used to motorize their own personal transportation vehicle.

    GM needs to take note…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Speaking of flatulence, I picked up some Taco Bell last night, since they have that drive-thru diet now. The menu didn’t say which ones were on the diet plan, so I just got whatever I wanted. Anyway, on the drive home, I could smell the food, and it gave me gas! And today it’s even worse! I may have to consult a lawyer…

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