our subscription options, which help us both

I realize it’s not convenient for everyone to visit the blog on a regular basis.  Maybe you aren’t allowed to browse the Internet at work, or maybe keeping up with numerous blogs takes up more free time than you typically have.  Or maybe you would just like an easier way to keep track of new content at your favorite blogs.   Or on a semi-related note, perhaps you would like to support this blog but don’t have any spare money to donate.

We now have two options for having new posts and comments delivered to you.  (And these options benefit both you and me.)

The newest option we have is that you can subscribe by e-mail.  Once a day (if there is a new post), you will receive an e-mail featuring the post(s) from that day.  With most e-mail programs, the images are included, although sometimes the formatting may vary from how it displays through your web browser.   There’s also a link below the post that takes you to the comments for that post.

If you have a feed-reader program, you can subscribe via the RSS feed (there’s the link, and it’s also in the sidebar).  That’s a handy way to keep up with multiple blogs.  New posts and comments show up like e-mails do in your inbox.  From there you can read them and then go to the site to add your own comments.  I’ve used SharpReader some, which is free.  There’s quite a few to choose from, though.

With both of these options, I have inserted a Google AdSense ad at the bottom of the posts.  This is to make a few extra dollars.   (Before anyone complains, please remember that the blog is absolutely free.  Also, I am now self-employed and not making much money, so everything helps.)  The ads are unobtrusive, and they should always be clean / family-friendly (if not, please let me know).  Also, I don’t beg you for money, so you don’t have to put up with that.  And if you want to support the blog, you can subscribe with one of those methods, and it costs you nothing.  You can’t beat that with a stick.   🙂  And if you’d rather not subscribe, that’s fine.  There’s no pressure, there will be no grudges, and you can still visit the blog all you want.  It’s all good.

Thank you, drive thru…

2 thoughts on “our subscription options, which help us both

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I’ll support you! This blog is better than sliced bread! (Wait, is that how the saying goes?) What I mean is, it’s quite the awesome. Or, in other words, it makes me laugh, and laughing makes me feel good, and I like feeling good. Therefore, this blog is good.

  2. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    The Google AdSense account was deemed a “significant risk” to advertisers for some reason, so it’s been disabled by Google. I’m not sure why, but that’s the way the cornbread crumbled.

    But regardless of the loss of that potential income stream, we’ll still continue to publish random randomness here for your viewing pleasure. Money is no object! And the humor here will continue to be free!

    You can still subscribe via e-mail — that should still work.

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