our subscription options, which help us both

I realize it’s not convenient for everyone to visit the blog on a regular basis.  Maybe you aren’t allowed to browse the Internet at work, or maybe keeping up with numerous blogs takes up more free time than you typically have.  Or maybe you would just like an easier way to keep track of new content at your favorite blogs.   Or on a semi-related note, perhaps you would like to support this blog but don’t have any spare money to donate.

We now have two options for having new posts and comments delivered to you.  (And these options benefit both you and me.)

The newest option we have is that you can subscribe by e-mail.  Once a day (if there is a new post), you will receive an e-mail featuring the post(s) from that day.  With most e-mail programs, the images are included, although sometimes the formatting may vary from how it displays through your web browser.   There’s also a link below the post that takes you to the comments for that post.

If you have a feed-reader program, you can subscribe via the RSS feed (there’s the link, and it’s also in the sidebar).  That’s a handy way to keep up with multiple blogs.  New posts and comments show up like e-mails do in your inbox.  From there you can read them and then go to the site to add your own comments.  I’ve used SharpReader some, which is free.  There’s quite a few to choose from, though.

With both of these options, I have inserted a Google AdSense ad at the bottom of the posts.  This is to make a few extra dollars.   (Before anyone complains, please remember that the blog is absolutely free.  Also, I am now self-employed and not making much money, so everything helps.)  The ads are unobtrusive, and they should always be clean / family-friendly (if not, please let me know).  Also, I don’t beg you for money, so you don’t have to put up with that.  And if you want to support the blog, you can subscribe with one of those methods, and it costs you nothing.  You can’t beat that with a stick.   🙂  And if you’d rather not subscribe, that’s fine.  There’s no pressure, there will be no grudges, and you can still visit the blog all you want.  It’s all good.

Thank you, drive thru…

update to the FreeRice game

A while back I wrote about the FreeRice game, where by answering questions you donate food to help those in need.  It’s so simple, and it actually makes you smarter because you learn new words.

Well, now there are more topics to choose from, so if you got bored with the previous game, you can play other ones to donate rice.  Just click on “Change Subjects”.   You can test your knowledge of chemistry, geography, grammar, foreign languages, math, and even famous paintings.  They’ve also added more words and levels to the vocabulary section.

I know this blog is all about helping people laugh more, but this is a great cause to help people who don’t have enough food to eat.  Now there’s no excuse of not having enough money to give to charity — all you have to give is some time.   I encourage you to bookmark the site and go back there frequently.

Here’s the link: FreeRice.

a game with food for prizes

We’ve linked to several games here that were a lot of fun, but today I’m linking to a different type of game.  It is fun, but it also helps feed the hungry!  Confused?  Don’t be.  For correctly answering questions on this page about the definition of words, they donate rice to the U.N. World Food Program to help end world hunger.  There are ads on the page that pay for the rice donations.

So how is this a game?  I’m glad you asked!  I will explain. It starts out with varying degrees of difficulty, to determine an approximate starting level for your vocabulary.  If you get a definition wrong, you go to an easier level.  If you get three in a row correct, you go to a harder level.  The maximum level is 55, but I don’t see that happening without cheating.

So play it, expand your vocabulary, and in doing so you are donating rice to starving people in third-world countries.  Obviously, it’s a win-win situation.

Here’s the link to the FreeRice game.

FYI, FreeRice is a non-profit organization.

Spread the word about this game, so they can also freely donate to the hungry.  About 25,000 people die each day from hunger or hunger-related causes, so this is a real problem in the world.  You can help by giving up a few minutes of your time.

a new promotional idea for restaurants

I thought of a great marketing scheme for restaurants that have foods with a particular olfactory “signature”.  By that, I mean they have a certain recognizable smell that makes people think of that restaurant.  The example I will provide is Arby’s, where I ate earlier this week with some of the Buffet o’ Blog staff.  Their curly fries are scrumptious, and even the smell of them is good.

So I think places like Arby’s should give promotional (read: free or discounted) meals to a few folks at each company in town every so often, around 11:15, with the restrictions that they eat it at their desk.  Imagine the smell of Arby’s curly fries wafting over the cubicle walls, causing co-workers to drool over the appealing aroma.  This would surely increase sales at Arby’s, because some people would go that day because “it just sounds good” (even though they were unknowingly coerced), and some people would get the idea in their head and start looking for the next convenient time to stop by there.

I think this would work.  They spend a lot of money on TV commercials and other ads, and they have their place, but the smell of curly fries and one of their famous roast beef sandwiches would bring in more people, I think.  It’s easy to overlook TV commercials and radio jingles, but it’s difficult to put aside the idea of Arby’s after smelling those curly fries.

I volunteer the services of the entire Buffet o’ Blog staff (all 3 of us) to participate in this venture.  We will conduct market research and report the effectiveness of our campaign.  Arby’s just needs to provide the food on a recurring basis.  (So if any Arby’s rep is reading this, have your people contact my people.)