man vs food – super burger challenge

The other day I saw a new show on the Travel Channel called MAN v. FOOD.  (BTW, that’s an awesome title, especially once you learn what it’s about).  The host, Adam Richman, goes around the country to various restaurants, and eats the spiciest foods, and he also takes on challenges at restaurants.  That’s my kind of show.

I’ve only seen a couple of episodes so far, but one I saw was at this restaurant in Boston, and it was voted the 2nd best place to pig out in the U.S.  They specialize in burgers.  They sell a monster burger with fries, and if anyone can eat it all within an hour, they name it after that person and then create a bigger one.  The current challenge is called the Eagle’s Burger Challenge.

eagles-deli-challenge-burgerThe challenge is a cheeseburger with 5 pounds of beef — but it’s not one giant patty, it’s 10 half-pound patties.  And it has 20 strips of cheese, 20 strips of bacon, and a LOT of fries — 5 pounds.   In fact, all that together weighs 12 pounds.  The owner estimates 1500 people have tried this one but no one has defeated it.

On the show, Richman competed against a former employee of that restaurant (who had obviously done some prior “training”).  Richman ate almost 7 pounds of it, but his competition ate a little over 7 pounds of it.  Before they got that far, though, they were sweating from processing that much greasy food.   Try to imagine how that would feel…

I wonder what the “Important Doctor” thinks about that burger, since he promotes a bacon and cheese diet and has other unusual views on eating…

8 thoughts on “man vs food – super burger challenge

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Hmm, the Kelvin-Helmholtz Mechanism, eh? I’m not sure… See, when I eat a burger like that, my surface area expands, and there’s more internal pressure. All this does result in the expulsion of combustible energy, though, so maybe that fits into the equation somehow…

  2. Rather Dashing

    i say we go on another roadtrip. say in the boston areas andtry this monster of a burger. i can easily hold 8 pounds of it.

  3. Abdominal Arsonist

    I say that a burger this size will in definitely cause some major gastrointestinal cramping and/or severe diarrhea of aforementioned grease. Hey this sounds like a great challenge but I feel there willbe a limit to how much a human can sanely eat and not die over it. Can u imagine the gas generated from so much beef and pork?!!!

  4. Bowels Aflame

    Yes, I can imagine it. I have lived it. Daily. It’s not that bad. You get to impress your guy friends with tremendous gaseous expulsions, you get to eat some tasty dead animals, and according to developing medical research by some important medical personnel and scientists*, I am actually lubricating my arteries for facilitated blood-flow and overall well-being with all of that grease. It is a win-win-win to eat food like this and lots of it!

    *Research conducted at the Important Medical Research Clinic**, Passaic, New Jersey.

    **Important Medical Research Clinic is a figment of my imagination. This information is for entertainment purposes ONLY and should not be considered legitimate medical advice***.

    ***If you thought this was legitimate medical advice, you should seek help from a licensed mental health professional.****

    ****I just like *’s and footnotes.*****

    *****One more for the road. 🙂

  5. Thomas Wayne

    I’m all for a road trip to Boston for some “research” on the super burger! We just need someone to sponsor a TV show where we can go for free and show the world our research.

  6. Important Doctor

    mmmm… that looks like a tasty burger! I have now officially added this burger as an approved meal option of the ‘bacon and cheese’ diet/eating plan.

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