how to eat a chicken sandwich

Today I was out on the town during the lunch hour, so I stopped by Chick-fil-A to get a chicken sandwich.  (Is there a better chicken sandwich?  That is, getting it without pickles and adding cheese and mayo.)  Anyway, I’ve always eaten it with my hands, because that’s what you do with sandwiches.  But the woman at the drive-thru window put a straw in my bag, even though I didn’t order a beverage.  What was that for?  Did she expect me to use the straw to drink my sandwich?  Silly woman… straws are for beverages!

One thought on “how to eat a chicken sandwich

  1. Important Doctor

    it’s possible that the straw was meant to be used by sticking it into the sandwich, pulling it out and then blowing a very tiny chicken nugget (spitball style) at some unsuspecting individual. of course this has the unfortunate downside of you losing some of your food. but the look of someone’s face when they get a chicket pellet in the eye?… priceless! 🙂

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