add your own captions, Bill Clinton speaking for Hillary

It’s time for another caption contest! I’m going to go with the political theme once again, mainly because I have this picture of Bill Clinton speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for president, and now her campaign has derailed.  So I need to use it while the story is still somewhat relevant.  Plus, there’s some potential humor with this picture.

Like before, you get to write the caption for this photo, from whichever perspective you want to.  Have fun!

Bill Clinton speech for Hillary\'s campaign

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6 thoughts on “add your own captions, Bill Clinton speaking for Hillary

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Bill: Hillary is definitely [PHVRRRT!] who you should vote for.

    woman in purple: Did the former President actually rip one? I can’t believe he would do that! He’s such a pig!

    women in green: Must not laugh on TV!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    woman in green: Since I’m behind Bill, I can rip one and the people in the audience will think Bill did it! MUWAHAHAHA!

    woman in purple: I know she didn’t!

  3. Fab

    Girl in green: Monica was right! He does have a nice, ahem, hinder-parts!

    Other chick: Yeah, but he’s like older than dirt, or something. Wake me up when this is over (yawwwwwwn).

  4. Important Doctor

    water bottle on stool: (thinking) what’s really sad is that i’m better suited to run this country…

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