selling a permanent vacation

I saw a commercial from a company that sells timeshares, and as part of their promotional offer, they said:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your vacation last the rest of your life?”

Yeah, of course it would!  Who wouldn’t buy that?  But of course they aren’t really offering that.  They want to sell you a place you can go on vacation that’s always there.  Although, you can’t go at any time or an unlimited amount, because you’re sharing it with other people in the program.

If you think about it, there are nearly endless vacation opportunities that are always there, whether you buy into this program or not.  Granted, their plan might be good if you want to go to their places on a regular basis, but that particular commercial was misleading.  If they were selling me a vacation that lasted the rest of my life, I’d buy it!  That’s like selling someone an early retirement.  If I could quit working and just vacation all I wanted to, I would, and I wouldn’t have to buy their program to do it.

If someone could sell an early retirement, that would be a highly desired product, because everyone wants that.  But, it would be crazy expensive, and the people who could afford it are the ones who can already afford to retire early…

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