what Valentine’s Day means to some

flowersToday is Valentine’s Day, a day when it’s very profitable to sell roses.  I heard a rumor that it might be Mango-Man’s favorite holiday of the year, because this is about the only time it’s acceptable for him to be seen in public looking at flowers to buy.  He hasn’t said this, and I’m sure he will vehemently deny it to try and salvage his image, but it sounds true enough to post here.  🙂

4 thoughts on “what Valentine’s Day means to some

  1. Mango-Man

    what? now that’s just a non-sensical rambling if i’ve ever heard of one! about the time I think you’ve finally reach the outer limits of what stupidity can be… you open your mouth & take stupid to a whole new dimension. Tell me mr. buffet O’ blog administrator (if that’s your REAL name) did YOU buy flowers for your wife? I think I may have to stop frequenting this blog for the sole reason of this post and that crappy picture of some flowers.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Aww… poor Mango-Man… he got all offended and is pouting. Perhaps he wants Mr. Buffet o’ Blog Administrator to feel bad and send him some flowers…


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